Storm Davenport

Hand Crafted Ceramic Sculpture

Storm Davenport

Storm is a sculptor working predominantly with clay and often incorporates wood,metal and glass into her work.

From large outdoor Totems and garden sculptures to more intimate indoor or wall hung pieces her work is a statement and tells a visual story. 
“It’s the imperfect in life that interests me, people and things that are flawed, asymmetrical, aged and have a worn feel, I like to make work that creates an urge to touch and hold.”
Her preference for using NZ clay has led to a recent exploration of processing and testing local clay for use in sculptural work.
Storm works from her Paraparaumu Beach studio

“Mahana rd Studio”, and her gallery space is open by appointment throughout the year and during the Kāpiti Coast Arts Trail, so feel free to txt and visit the gallery if you’re in the area.

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